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China rail map...

China train map

This is the best map of the whole China Trains network. With this China Train map designed by the Award Winning Trax2® design team will make planning and or mapping your China train trips easy.

See the complete China Train schedule below

Advice on
Buying tickets on China trains ...

It's actually quite simple in purchasing China train tickets yourself at the station. In "early days" there used to be special ticket window for foreigners and still in some cities they still might exist, so it can pay to look around to see if there are these windows still operating as these windows will save you a long wait on line.

The thing to keep in mind when booking or buying Train tickets in China, is that in China there is no central reservation system, meaning tickets can only be sold and booked locally at each departure point. That is to say each city’s computer reservation systems are not linked to any other city. In other words that station can only sell you a ticket for a journey starting at that station, not for journeys starting elsewhere. For example, the ticket office in GuangZhou can only sell you a GuangZhou to ShangHai ticket but cannot sell you a ShangHai to XiAn ticket.
Be aware that in most cases, you'll need to book your return journey when you get to your destination

So to refresh - You can not "book" tickets in China, You can however advance purchase tickets within 10 days of departure. In peak periods such as Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), 1-7 May Day Week and1-7 October National Day holidays it will be advisable to purchase tickets through agents to avoid all the crowds in the ticketing centers but it is advisable to avoid traveling on the trains (or within China) during these times.

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China Train Map

China Trains Station Index

Bullet Trains and Fast Trains

BeiJing to Shanghai
GuangZhou to ShenZhen
Shanghai to BeiJing
ShenZhen to GuangZhou

BeiJing Trains

BeiJing to TianJin
TianJin to BeiJing
ChangChun to BeiJing

ChengDu Trains

ChengDu to BeiJing

GuangZhou Trains

Guangzhou to BeiJing
K36/37 GuangZhou to GuiLin
K407 & 408 GuangZhou - HaiKou
GuangZhou to HaiKou
GuangZhou to Hong Kong
GuangZhou to Macau
GuangZhou to ShangHai
All Guangzhou to Shanghai trains
<=> LiuZhou to GuangZhou

GuiLin Trains

K35/38 GuiLin to GuangZhou
T37/40 GuiLin to ShenZhen

Hong Kong Trains

Hong Kong to GuangZhou
Hong Kong to Shanghai

KunMing Trains

DaLi Trains
LiJiang Trains

Lhasa Trains
Macau to GuangZhou
ShangHai Trains

Shanghai to GuangZhou
All Shanghai to Guangzhou trains
Shanghai to Hong Kong

ShenZhen Trains

T108 & K106 ShenZhen to BeiJing
T38/39 ShenZhen to GuiLin
ShenZhen to GuangZhou East

XiAn Trains
China Train schedule
China Train timetables

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China Compass

The Trax2 Award Winning bi-lingual China Maps:

Now available the
Trax2 Award Winning Maps
Beijing map
ShenZhen Map
(Lhasa map)
GuiLin map
LiJiang map..


BeiJing Metro
BeiJing Subway map
GuangZhou Metro
GuangZhou Subway map
Subway ShangHai map
ShangHai Metro
Shanghai Expo Subway
ShenZhen Subway

Provinces &
Autonomous Regions
AnHui Map | FuJian Map |
GanSu Map | GuangDong Map |
GuangXi Map | GuiZhou Map |
HaiNan Map | HeBei Map |
HeiLongJiang Map | HeNan Map |
HuBei Map | HuNan Map |
Inner Mongolia Map | JiangSu Map |
JiangXi Map | JiLin Map |
LiaoNing Map | NingXia Map |
QingHai Map | ShaanXi Map |
ShanDong Map | ShanXi Map |
SiChuan Map | Tibet (XiZang) Map |
XinJiang Map | YunNan Map |
ZheJiang Map
BeiJing Map | ChongQing Map |
ShangHai Map | TianJin Map
China Cities
BeiJing City Map | ChengDu Map |
GuangZhou Map | KunMing Map |
Lhasa Map | ShenZhen Map |
ShangHai City Map | XiAn Map
Hong Kong Map | Macau Map

China Street Indexes

Shopping Tips &
Reports on...

Shopping BeiJIng
Shopping ChengDu
Shopping Guangzhou
Shopping in Hong Kong
Shopping Kunming
Shopping Shanghai
Shanghai shopping tips
Shanghai Shopping Guiide
Shopping Shenzhen
Shopping Xian


China Train TimeTables
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