Category: Chinese food

Chinese noodle dish names

Chinese noodle dish names – shā guō lǜ dòu mǐ xiàn (砂锅绿豆米线) Trax2 King of Clubs Chinese Food Cards Clay pot pork spare ribs with green bean noodles and seasonal vegetables

Chinese prawn dish names

Chinese prawn dish names – bái zhuó xiā (白灼虾) Trax2 King of Diamonds Chinese Food Cards Quick steamed prawns (shrimps) with garlic soya dip or spicy sauce

Chinese pork dish names

Chinese pork dish names – zhēng pái gǔ nán guā  (蒸排骨南瓜) Trax2 King of Spades Chinese Food Cards Steamed pumpkin and pork spare ribs in a brown bean sauce but can be steamed with any …

Chinese vegetarian dishes names

Chinese vegetarian dishes names – hé táng yùe sè (荷塘月色) Trax2 King of Hearts Chinese Food Cards Stir fried fresh ginkgo, lotus root, water chestnuts, black fungus, carrots and snow peas