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Using this Chinese rice wine recipe to make your own rice wine that you can drink without any additives will also be good for you health… read on below…

sticky rice wine
What a commercially bottle of rice wine looks like

With this Chinese rice wine recipe you too will be able to make your own homemade sweet rice wine. But if you are not sure if it is illegal to make than you will need to check out this post from the New York Times about if it is legal or not?

You can read some of the extracts below on homemade rice wine

In the city’s Chinese enclaves, there is a booming black market for homemade rice wine and typically the wine been sold is between 10 and 18 percent alcohol, which is about the same as wine from grapes and the sellers are like the earlier group of immigrant bootlegger entrepreneurs during the USA Prohibition period.

But what makes it different this time around s that rice wine is legally available commercially in pretty much every Asian grocery store.

rice wine yeast
To successfully make Chinese rice wine you need to have good wine yeast

Read more of what others think about homemade rice wine…

“If you drink this, you’ll stay young,” explained Chen Dandan, a retired garment factory worker from Fujian Province. “It helps you with your circulation.”

“If you drink this, you’ll live to an old age,” said Lin Yong, a long-distance bus driver who lives in Flushing. He said his grandfather, who died several years ago at the age of 99, lived by a simple dictum: It is all right to forgo a meal, but it is not all right to forgo a glass of rice wine.

Check out how easy this  Chinese rice wine recipe is to make at home

rice wine

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