Shanghai Disney in lockdown

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Shanghai Disney in lockdown…
Shanghai Disney was shut immediately on last Monday morning, good news by Social media users stuck inside says that rides are still operating and are free.
Shanghai Disney visitors have been barred from leaving without a negative COVID-19 test.

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No one in China has ever seen a cassowary, most think it’s a turkey…

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The new President of US Donald Trump takes office today. His latest Tweet:

“One week after I take office, China will completely shut down. Factories will stop production, shops will close, stock markets will not trade, and government will grind to a halt.

The wealthy will flee overseas with their families, citizens desperately trade the RMB for foreign currency, doors all across the country will be plastered with red notices. Supermarket food stock will be depleted and food prices will rise.

The people who stay will have nothing to do except day-long drinking and gambling. There will be sound of gunfire on the streets for days!”

China foreign ministry replied on Weibo:
“That’s Chinese New Year, you dumb ass.”

Mad dog Trump is a dump idiot .

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