History and settlement of Baoshan City 游 保山

Baoshan City is situated in the southwest of Yunnan Province, close to the border of Myanmar (Burma) in the south and northwest. Within the province, it neighbors Lincang Region in the east, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in the northeast and Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in the southwest. It is nearly 500 kilometers (310 miles) from Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province, see a detail Map of YunNan or KunMing Map for the exact location.

看到一家旅馆 Hotel 还算干净,就入住。 到达时已经是下午2点了, 肚子在闹革命,赶紧要解决这个问题,我们开始我们的美食搜索, 凭着以往的经验向人多的地方走去。果然就看见好吃的豆腐干小吃,勺儿是不吃的,他怕辣,我买了两块钱,就美美的吃了起了, 一会又看见了烤牛肉干的, 这下勺儿要吃了, 他也不怕辣了。

嗯, 味道还真的不赖,一会又有油炸的土豆,也买来吃,正在纳闷中,这保山人怎么这么爱吃零食,和我的胃口, 好, 这下可找到爱好了。再走走就看见学校了,感情这些小吃是为了这些个学生, 不禁感叹! 在家中父母绞尽脑汁要做些好吃的给孩子,可是孩子都不领情,原来还是父母的错,给太多零花钱给孩子了, 原以为他们会买些学习用具, 结果全进了小贩们的口袋中, 难怪商人们说孩子的钱最好赚!


Baoshan city is a good city to visit, it has lots of local snacks and the people here are friendly. When we arrived a new city we always try to buy a local map first, and then look for the museum.

Barbecue ribs

This BBQ ribs is very tasty!

TIP #1:  公共汽车是最划算的旅游工具,可以看全城的景色,可以和本地人聊天。当然要有时间才可以,旅行就是有时间。找一辆环城的公车,公共汽车去哪儿我就去哪儿,呵呵,当然看到有兴趣的地方就赶紧下车。拿一张旅店的名片,不然就会像在丽江古城一样,半夜找不到酒店而在古城的小巷子里乱转的人大有人在。

TIP #1:   Taking the local bus is a good choice for exploring Boashan City and other city in China. Remember carry a business card of your hotel before you leave to explore the city so you don’t need to worry if you get lost as you can always flag down a taxi show the driver the business card and they will take you back to your hotel .

TIP #2:  当到达一个不熟悉的旅游城市的汽车站,如果你不想被很多无聊的人围着问你要不要去住宿或者去旅游景点的话,就要从入口出去,意思就是不要随着大多数乘客走 的方向走,从反方向走,找到入口的地方出去。从入口出去的好处是:你可以把返程或下一目的地的票的时间,价格问好,还可以咨询车站里的问询处。当然不是每 个汽车站都可以这样!

TIP #2:   When you arrived at any of China’s main bus stations you should go out through the main entrance and not the side exits!
Because if you go out through the main entrance no one will bother you and also you can look for directions and buy tickets to your next destination.

Buses to Baoshan City :

Buses from Kunming West Bus Station go to Baoshan which can take about 7-9 hours depending on roadworks, there are also buses from Dali and Lijiang (see the 4th Edition Trax2 Dali Map for more details).

In Baoshan you can catch buses at either at the Baoshan Passenger Transport Bus Station: No.2, Jiulong Road, Longyang District or the Baoshan Passenger Transport South Bus Station: No.26, Nanguan Street, Longyang District.

By air Baoshan Airport is 9 kilometer (5.6 miles) from the Longyang District there are 1 flight a day to Kunming with connecting flights to Guangzhou and rest of China.

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