FuGong Yunnan

After MangKuan and Baoshan, FuGong is rather “dab” but it is a welcome over night stop.

The main road through Fugong is slow, but in good condition and Fugong has a number of reasonable hotels.

Hemmed in by mountains on either side of the river, Fugong laid out along the one and only highway that runs through southern Fugong from Liuku to Gongshan in the north.

There are no roads to speak off that reach into the mountains on either side, even though a number of tracks cross the mountains, the most interesting being one that crosses the Gaoligong Mountains to the west into Burma.

Large parts of the Lisu population are Christian, surviving remnants of western protestant missionary efforts in the first third of the 20th century. Many churches are dotted around the gorge with pretty active communities.

Fugong food

Yunnan ham fried with snow peas

FuGong has the smallest Han Chinese population living there, with not more than a few thousand living in the Town itself. The Lisu People make up more than seventy five percent of the ninety thousand strong population, with the rest being Nu.

For dinner a must try is the local Yunnan ham fried with local grown snow peas.

Fugong is 123km north of Liuku.

There are rice terraces just outside the town centre on the slopes all along the river. They are easily accessible by walking and the walk up the rice terraces is easy.

All along the trek up the slopes, we watched the local Lisu farmers busying themselves on the terraces and the view extended to the Gaoligong Mountains with snow crowned peaks soaring over 4000 meters.

There is ample accommodation in town as this region seems to be developing fast with better transport.

Most of the accommodation options are close to the bus station near the town centre most are clean with bathroom and hot shower starting from 80 yuan you can get a nice room.

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