Mangkuan 芒宽篇 Yunnan

MangKuan 芒宽篇 is a small town right on the banks of the NuJiang River 我们刚到芒宽, 就发现这小城镇真是小, 南北沿公路两条街,走路就是10分钟到头,问客车司机那个酒店干净且舒服些,这个司机二话没说就拉我们到一家酒店的门口。这小城镇真是小,但什么都有,酒店出奇的干净,舒服,才40元就有标间,楼上还有晒衣服的地方,开心入住。  咨询了一下有什么可以去玩的,他们说:“上山有三叠水,下河有沙滩,中间还有舞厅树”。 我惊叫:“‘打住’你们怎可能有沙滩,又不是海边,骗骗小孩还可以,我们可是资深的旅游者”。 呵呵!旅行中很多觉得不可能的事情但却是真的。

Mangkuan is a beautiful small town, not only have mountain views also have a beautiful beach, we are enjoy here, stay two nights, if we have enough  time we will like stay here longer, we even think to move here, so you can imagine how nice a town it is (see this DaLi Map or Travel the China Pizza Trail)

Mangkuan hotel and Mangkuan street views
Mangkuan street views and very nice hotel rooms



I love to see this Coffee trees. 咖啡豆我的最爱!

I love to see this Coffee trees. 咖啡豆我的最爱!


Mangkuan Sandieshui2

Mangkuan is a very nice place to stay more than one night.

Mangkuan is a very nice place to stay more than one night.

走到一所小学,只有几间简易的教室,看得出以前是个寺庙的样子,学生们吃住都在这里。并且知道这些都是有一个从台湾退伍返回大陆的老兵出资建的,我们下山的时候还碰到了他,很健朗的一个老人家,快70了,听他说:“他是土生土长的本地人,年少时跟着国民党,从金三角到的台湾,最后退伍还是回到家乡,说家乡的一切都熟悉,落叶归根!我感慨,人还是恋旧啊!得知这里的情况后,我们很开心募捐,这里没有门票费。所谓三叠就是三层瀑布,一层比一层高, 水很清很凉。

Mangkuan Nujiang Lalun beach

The beach! 怒江边的沙滩,很美丽,很舒适。

Mangkuan town lies in  a broader valley on the Nujiang River, the area is home to one of the northernmost Dai populations, with Lisu, Yi and Miao living in the mountains to either side.

Famous sights are the fascinating big banyan trees which seen from far, looks like an opened umbrella, luxuriant and providing a shelter. In a tale of Dai people, when their ancestors passed away, their souls will live on the largest banyan trees in a village. Thus, this tree will be a totem for people to bow in worship. Some reputed big banyan trees are named like human being.

There is a saying in Chinese that says if want to see the best pines, you go to the Huangshan Mountain in Anhui Province. If you want to see fascinating banyan trees, then you go to Mangkuan Town in southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

How to get there
Take a bus from Southern Bus Station in Baoshan City to Mangkuan Town, travel time takes about 3 hours. Buses to there are also available in Liuku Town, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture which takes about 2 hours.

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