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Ox People

Ox People are those born in these years…

1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033

And the People that are born in the Year of the Ox according to Chinese astrology will often find themselves in the same place or situation for long periods, whether it is in a relationship, a job, or just a phase of their life… [ read more about the OX People including this 1600×1200 px Rat Year Wallpaper ]

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People born under the Chinese Zodiac Ox Sign are mostly recognized for their strong character, and bold personality.

Like Rat People, the Ox person are motivated to work hard but they tend to look down upon carless individuals who do not push themselves to the extent that they do.

Oxen are also known for making friends that will last a lifetime and would never think twice about betraying one of their friends or family members.

The Ox is also well known for how straightforward they can be, which can be a viewed as a bad quality to some.

However some might mistake Ox People for not being talkative enough but they are the type that would rather observe a conversation before simply chiming in to share their thoughts.

The Ox are prone to follow the same sort of pattern in all of their relationships, which is quick to be friendly, but slow to transition into a deeper relationship.

Ox People will find a soul mate with Snake or Rooster.

Trax2 China wishes all the Ox People a very  happy Year of the OX

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