Update to Yangshuo weather in 2017 with drier weather forecast  making it the perfect weather for cycling around Yangshuo’s karst hills and villages…

The unseasonal Yangshuo weather is getting unpredictable as the years go by with a big wet in May 2015  flooding the Old Town of Yangshuo

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yangshuo west st

With the famous Li River busting its banks and flooding onto “West St”

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Bamboo rafting has a new meaning in Yangshuo now


Anyone for water sports in Yangshuo Park

Now that you know all about Yangshuo weather its time to plan your visit to Yangshuo so and get the most out of your trip with these Yangshuo and Guilin Guides…

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And if you want to try the best pizzas in China then why not try out the China Pizza Trail below

Dali Lijiang Yangshuo Guilin maps

china pizza trail tour

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